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Best Travel Apps For Canadian Globetrotters

David Burgundy | 02 May 2017

Best Travel Apps For Canadian GlobetrottersEvery imaginable aspect of travel is being made easier and more appealing by the introduction of technology. As technological innovations improve, so too does the level of comfort frequent travellers can enjoy when globetrotting – either on Canadian home soil or anywhere else worldwide.

The airports of the future are already expected to be highly efficient thanks to sleek new robotic technologies, green fuel sources and streamlined air travel services. However, just as pertinent to your travel schedule are the 5 best apps available for frequent and avid travellers. Read on to discover the apps that will change the way you travel forever!

#5 – NYC Subway 24 Hour KickMap

NYX Subway 24 Hour KickMap is the ideal substitute for the handy transit maps that many major cities make available for their visitors. While many traditional map apps have incorporated transit directions, separate apps such as this one still offer better functionality on a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

The NYC Subway 24 Hour KickMap can offer you details on real-time delays, traffic obstructions and route changes, making it easier than ever to reach your final destination in good time. The app even offers an offline map service, which is great for when you run out of data or don’t have a stable Wi-Fi connection handy.

#4 – Textgrabber

Hiring a translator in a new country is generally good practice, but the costs sure can pile up. Textgrabber is the next best thing, being an affordable mobile app that you can carry around in your pocket and consult at any time.

To use this app, simply take a picture of a sign, menu or notice in a foreign language and allow the software to scan the text and translate it into a vocal version in your preferred language. You can even use Textgrabber to turn analog text into digital text that you can easily edit and share with your mobile device.

#3 – Dark Sky

It’s hard to enjoy an exotic vacation or business trip when you get caught in the rain. Avoid getting caught without a rain jacket or a bottle of suntan lotion with the Dark Sky app! Dark Sky offers highly accurate, real-time weather predictions that are also based on your current location for added accuracy. The app even gives you the exact chance of rain showers at each stop you make on your journey so that you’re never caught unprepared again.

#2 – Obscura Camera

If you’re passionate about photographing new places on your travels, a high quality camera app will surely be your best friend. The Obscura Camera app gives you ultimate control over the pictures you take, producing results akin to more expensive and bulky DSLR cameras without the inconvenience of carrying such a hefty device around.

The Obscura Camera app can also help you to capture perfect shots in challenging conditions, like night-time or grey days, allowing you to capture and cherish your travel memories forever.

#1 – iTranslate

No matter where in the world you travel, a translation app is always a great thing to have. iTranslate is an instant vocal translation app that turns your words into an audio translation in any language you require. All you need to do is speak a phrase in your native language, and the app will create a translation that you can play back on demand.

Currently, iTranslate offers a whopping 42 languages, and also has a handy save function for the phrases you use most often. You can also effortlessly send your audio translations via social media, instant messaging and text with the software’s links to other apps on your smartphone.

These travel apps will make your holidays and business trips so much easier and enjoyable, and they are just the tip of the iceberg as to what’s available online.