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eCOGRA Updates Self-Regulatory Requirements

David Burgundy | 27 Jun 2018

eCOGRA Updates Self Regulatory RequirementsIndependent online gaming testing expert eCOGRA has now announced a new set of key updates to its self-regulatory requirements. A range of rules is rapidly surfacing for the body to use to internally monitor and regulate its own processes of regulation.

eCOGRA has set a global standard for self-auditing in the online gambling industry by developing multiple improvements in the fields of data privacy, security requirements, and socially responsible gambling practices. The authority’s updates are geared towards improvements sparked by new iGaming legislation, the latest trends, and a need to protect players and offer them fair gaming opportunities from every angle.

Of the body’s latest rules and amendments, CEO Andrew Beveridge noted that eCOGRA is focused on refining and improving eGAP, its set of self-regulatory principles. This, he said, will ensure that the legal framework of the body will remain up-to-date and able to protect players and promote operator responsibility towards their customers.

New Rules Apply to Seal-Holders

The new regulatory requirements will pertain to all holders of eCOGRA seals. They aim to address these brands’ responsible gambling and advertising practices, with a major focus on data privacy and player security under the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Chief Operating Officer of eCOGRA Shaun McCallaghan also explained that eGAP’s constant evolution is always based on the current risks and challenges that players face, as well as the creation of continuous value for industry shareholders. He also added that demand for eCOGRA’s seal of fairness and safety continues to soar despite stricter regulations in many iGaming jurisdictions.

Global Standard for iGaming Safety

eGAP is the specific set of rules and regulations provided by the regulatory authority, which are part of all of the firm’s compliance processes as they relate to the world’s largest operators, software providers and other brands holding the eCOGRA seal.

These rules are beginning to be viewed as a reference for national regulators and independent organisations alike, helping to navigate the ever-changing auditing requirements of the iGaming landscape.

The body’s requirements have a core focus on responsible, fair and safe gambling, as well as continuous monitoring and review of registered gaming sites. These guidelines are essential to the online gaming industry, as they are not affected by national laws, making the eCOGRA seal a universal benchmark for the validity of iGaming brands and suppliers, no matter where in the world these seal-holders are based.

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