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Focusing on Responsible Gambling

David Burgundy | 04 Sep 2017

Focusing on Responsible GamblingGambling is a great way to relax and win some extra money, but you should never rely on it for your income. The saying, as we all know, is that winners know when to stop. But it’s not knowing when to stop that is always the problem; it’s stopping when you know you should.

Land-based, online and mobile casinos should all, ethically, provide guidelines on responsible gambling and support for problem gamblers. Almost all of them do take it very seriously. As live dealer casino games become more common and more popular, online and mobile gamblers might find that they have problems with this too, as these games bridge the gap so neatly between real and home-based play. These games should also be included in support considerations, and just as the types of support have changed as technology has evolved, so too should the responsible gambling measures implemented by casinos.

A good example of land-based responsible gambling measures is the nation-wide training programme that MGM is beginning in October with its 77,000 employees. This will teach the basics of responsible gambling, so that they can act appropriately with all customers – including those who are battling.

There are many other responsible gambling efforts around the world, such as casinos displaying help hotlines prominently. Online and mobile casinos take things just as seriously to ensure that should players feel they have an issue, they can seek help.

Setting Your Own Gambling Limits

One of the most important aspects for responsible gambling is to set your own limits. Successful long-term players say that they play only with the money they have budgeted, even when on a winning streak. But it can be irresistibly tempting to keep going if you’re chasing your losses, or you want to experience the high of another win.

To make it easier to stay in the black, online and mobile casinos allow you to set deposit and loss limits. When you reach your deposit limit, you are simply unable to credit your account with any more money.

With loss limits, you won’t be able to access your casino account after you’ve lost a certain amount. You can set these generally for all games, or for specific types of games that you find particularly hard to stop. If you always want another spin of the Roulette wheel, for instance, this would be a good game to set loss limits on.

Building in a Cool-Off Period

A cool-off period closes your casino account for a set period of time, giving you a chance to step away from the game and gather your thoughts.

You can usually set the parameters of the cool-off period yourself; when it kicks in, and how long it lasts. You can also change these settings, but can make no changes while the cool-off period is in effect. Once the casino has been temporarily locked down, there is nothing you can do except wait until it is open again. Thanks to cutting edge technology, the cooling off period makes it impossible for you to create another account, as the system algorithm will recognise your IP address, banking details or ID. This restriction may be in effect across brands, so you cannot simply sign up elsewhere either. Additionally, you can request to self-exclude yourself completely, effectively locking yourself out of online gaming all together.

Self-Exclusion from Casinos and Other Limiting Options

If you’re worried about your gambling in general or on specific games, you can also exclude yourself from a certain casino or certain games. The minimum time for this is usually 6 months, which is thought to be enough to allow you to evaluate the situation and see if you are really in trouble.

If none of the above methods work and you need more help, online and mobile casinos have that covered too. They are often affiliated with responsible gambling initiatives, which help problem players find recovery and support. Online entities are truly, and admirably, invested in keeping their players safe and ensuring that their gambling habits are healthy.