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Are Desktop Online Casinos On The Way Out?

David Burgundy | 06 May 2021

Are Desktop Online Casinos On The Way Out?The world’s need for handheld devices shows absolutely no sign of slowing down, which has contributed greatly to the boom in mobile casinos. Especially given the current climate and the global health crisis, mobile games have become an overwhelming priority for developers.

Does this mean that games should be prioritised in this way over all other forms? Or do desktop games still hold some sort of appeal? As the mobile casino Canada industry keeps growing, these questions become even more pertinent.

Should The Industry Go Mobile Only?

Asko Heiskanen, the Chief Gaming and Development Officer at Yggdrasil, and Pallavi Deshmukh, CEO of NetGaming, both agree that the value gap between mobile and desktop players has shrunk. It is estimated that mobile casinos will reach 60% of the online gambling market share by 2025 in key markets around the world. It seems as though mobile-first slots are key to growing revenue and engaging mobile casino Canada players. Certain emerging markets are inherently mobile-first and are built around mobile payment methods. This is why skipping desktop applications altogether has become quite common.

However, Glück Games COO Helen Walton offers a different perspective. She suggests that despite mobile casinos being the uncontested winner of this race, one certain kind of player should not be left behind. While the majority of users may be playing on their mobile phones, the comfort-view of players of desktop online casinos should still play a role going forward.

Players Demand On The Go Options

Tim Parker, the COO at superseven.com, pointed out the fact that there is a huge difference between a mobile casino game and the desktop version of it. He added that unlike in years gone by, players will no longer be accepting of a poor experience. He argued that if a game is not developed as mobile first, then it is not developed with the end-user in mind, given that fact that between 60 and 70% of all real money gaming transactions are handled on mobile devices.

Up until a few years ago, players never had an option when it came to online casinos – they simply played whatever was given to them. Now, however, players have become a lot more selective owing to the new technologies that have been implemented over the course of the past few years. Leading sites like JackpotCity have set the bar high and offer players on just about any platform a premium real money gaming experience.

This has become the norm to a large degree, and players are used to being able to enjoy mobile casino Canada entertainment at the tap of a screen. Providing them with anything other than this – or a sub-par experience - may just be asking for trouble.

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