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Google To Relax Online Casino Ad Policies

David Burgundy | 10 Dec 2019

Google To Relax Online Casino Ad PoliciesThe biggest name in search engines, Google, has had a blanket ban on advertising through its platforms for online gambling in the US almost since its inception. It has started to lift these bans as it re-evaluates its policies and federal regulations within the country get overturned or amended. The most recent change is a promise to allow the four states in the US that permit intrastate online gambling to advertise through Google’s platforms.

As things stand, this is just a promise from Google and the actual policy around this still has to be updated. However, such a public promise is likely to followed through on and the search engine giant has suggested that it will make things happen within the first quarter of 2020. This is big news for the states of New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Operators in those states will soon be able to promote their online casino sites on Google, officially.

Google Ad Manager Still Off Limits

According to the press releases about this upcoming policy change, Google will make all but one of their advertising platforms available to operators in these four states. They will be able to use YouTube, AdMob, Google Ads and Google Display Network. The only option that they won’t be able to use is the primary Google Ad Manager to run and oversee all of their adverts on the different parts of the search engine.

Another change to the Google policy surrounding gambling advertising is to do with poker. So far, Google has not mentioned whether or not it will make it permissible to advertise online Poker through the platform, they have only mentioned online casinos. However, they will likely have to open the policy to allow for Poker advertising, as they have included Nevada in the list of states where the new policy will take effect. This is because Nevada only allows Poker and sports betting online within the state and not regular casino gambling.

US Sports Betting Beta Included

Google has been making big changes in its policies about sports betting already. In 2018, the Supreme Court in the US overturned the federal betting prohibition that applied to sports betting. In response to this, Google launched US Sports Betting beta for its clients in the USA. The pilot started in New Jersey and then expanded to take in West Virginia and Nevada. In October this year, it expanded even further to Rhode Island, Montana, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Indiana.

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