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Game of Thrones Mobile Slots Casino Celebrates Show’s Iron Anniversary

David Burgundy | 15 Apr 2021

Game of Thrones Mobile Slots Casino Celebrates Show’s Iron AnniversaryZynga has announced that it will host a month-long series of in-game celebrations for the hit mobile casino Canada Game of Thrones slot. This event is going to be held in honour of the 10th anniversary of the HBO television series of the same name. Throughout the month of April, players of this mobile slot will get to enjoy new features, events and activities in celebration of the TV show’s iron anniversary.

Rolling out in the middle of the month, the mobile casino Canada will release two brand new machines, each one of which features a mix of the show’s beloved and infamous characters. One of the games, called ‘The Pack Survives’ will feature the descendants of House Stark including Sansa, Bran and Arya. The game is set against the northern backdrop of Winterfell.

The second Game of Thrones mobile slot set to be released is called ‘The Night King’. In this game, players will focus on those who served on the Night’s Watch. This includes Mance Rayder, the King of the Free Folk, reluctant leader Jon Snow and the Night King himself.

A Celebration For Fans

Since the beginning of 2021, players have shown how dedicated they are to the Game of Thrones mobile slots. The TV series itself had millions of fans around the world, and now players at mobile casino Canada have hatched more than 100,000 dragon eggs found in the game and have amassed over 121 million of the game’s collection cards. Players have also shared an impressive 210 million in-game toasts amongst each other.

The new additions from this mobile casino Canada will truly serve as something for the fans. In the Game of Thrones slots games, players become immersed in the epic dialogue that made the show the global smash hit that it was. They are able to revisit the iconic characters that they loved watching over the course of the show’s eight seasons and will delve into cliff-hanger moments from all over the Seven Kingdoms, as well as journey through sweeping landscapes and visit locations such as The Wall.

A True-To-TV Experience

All of the mobile slots on offer throughout April are infused with the fire and ice of Westeros and its most famous inhabitants including Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion, as well as Sansa, Arya and Jon.

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