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iDice Delivers Cheat-Proof Gambling

David Burgundy | 28 Jul 2017

iDice Delivers Cheat-Proof GamblingSince the online gambling industry was first introduced to the public, the absence of completely cheat-proof systems and standards has remained a bugbear with both operators and regulators alike.

In many cases, cheat-proof standards have been deliberately avoided, with operators instead favouring online casino owners with big bankrolls and notably deep pockets. Many operators have been caught manipulating the outcomes of bets in their favour, creating unfair losses on the sides of their players to compensate.

To a certain extent, Blockchain could remedy this issue, by strengthening trust between online casinos and their players once more. This decentralised technology is being tested and used by numerous modern casino platforms, removing middle-men and making for a fairer experience.

With that said, however, the outcomes of each spin or bet are never actually determined by a casino owner, but are rather calculated using undetectable PRNG technologies by each casino.

DAPP Uses Etherium, Tlsnotary And Random.org for RNG

iDice.io is now attempting to offer players the same cheat-proof methods as Blockchain through its new platform. The platform has been hailed as the world’s very first open-source mobile gaming DAPP, which is a combination of different decentralised applications designed to achieve a similar effect to a synergistic gaming app.

The innovative new DAPP uses Oraclize.it to fetch random integers from Random.org through TLSNotary for seal-tight security. From there, its Etherium-based contract encrypts the integer from Random.org and the TLSNotary proof’s IPFS address to compute the final result for each game.

New App Code Is Open Source And Available For Peer-Review

Currently, this is the most secure and most reliable way for iDice to generate completely random numbers without the interference of third party applications. What is also interesting is the contract’s source code’s availability for peer review, which makes it clear that iDice is dedicated to providing transparent and community-powered RNG systems.

The DAPP’s game codes are immutable and decentralised through its Ethereum protocol, and the Smart Contract layer of the application is powered entirely on the Ethereum Blockchain. This ensures that everything on iDice’s platform will remain transparent, verifiable, and easily auditable by the relevant authorities.

So far, the industry’s response to the iDice.io DAPP has been promising. The platform had already earned an impressive profit of 363 ETH by July 17, and experts see great things in store for the future of this revolutionary new gambling technology.