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New Drone Acts As Lifeguard

David Burgundy | 24 Oct 2018

Keeping kids safe near the waterWhen the weekend comes rolling round you really only have one thing on your mind; kicking back with a nice cold drink and enjoying your favourite casino games. But there’s just one problem; you have a swimming pool, and looking away from it for even a second will inevitably result in a pet, child or both, throwing themselves in and drowning. This is the sad reality of having children and pets; their inability to breathe underwater is inconvenient.

Yes, you could just get a tarpaulin pool cover, which generally stops kids and pets from falling in. But, often covers are cumbersome, annoying to take on and off, and sometimes you forget about them, leaving your pool exposed and easy to fall in to. A dilemma for sure. No worries, though, the answer to all your swimming pool woes is finally here; the Morningstar SOS.

What Is The Morningstar?

Since we live in an era where drones are as trendy and in demand as chocolate cake, it was only a matter of time before someone, somewhere, thought of throwing one into a swimming pool. Lee Kambar was that man. A resident of Phoenix, Kambar was faced with the above-mentioned dilemma. Plus, after hearing about 6 drownings and a stunning 27 calls to the police for help, all regarding pool related incidents, he knew that a solution had to be found.

Hence he invented Morningstar SOS. The fancy, obviously water resistant device floats in a swimming pool, making use of an array of cameras. Combined with facial recognition technology, the cutting edge floater alerts parents via a smartphone app when a body approaches the water, and when it enters it. Thus, there will never be any question as to who is near the swimming pool, and who is in the swimming pool.

You might be thinking now that a) the drone works on batteries, and b) that the drone cannot actually differentiate between a child swimming, and one drowning. Giving the conclusion that the drone really is only of use if charged regularly, thrown into the pool, and children incapable of swimming are allowed to roam around, unattended. In which case, we did mention that tarpaulin, didn’t we?

A Drone With a Purpose

But then you’d be overlooking the obvious fact that the Morningstar SOS is a drone, floats in a pool, and is just one of the many tech inventions that are designed to make our lives easier, and in this case, safer too. As with everything tech related, you do need to take some responsibly for its operation and to ensure that it works the way it is intended. Kambar’s creation is designed to help parents keep their kids and pets safe, but it will take some input from them to ensure that the drone is in working order and fully charged when the pool is exposed.

Kambar has made no mention of what a Morningstar drone will cost, and how that cost stacks up to a tarpaulin. But given that the drone is water resistant and has an array of cameras covering 360 degrees, including underwater, chances are it will cost a pretty penny.

Available To The Public?

No word has been made yet on if the pool drone will be mass-produced, or if it will ever be made available to the public. But reaction to mention of it will indicate public interest, and perhaps allow the drone to take up residence in swimming pools across the world.

Though, it is also likely only a matter of time before some or other artificial intelligence system is paired with the pool drone, throwing it into must-have territory. After all, what could be more intriguing than artificial intelligence being responsible for the lives of children? Let’s wait and see if this step is taken.