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Mobile Casino Games Dominate App Spend

David Burgundy | 25 Mar 2021

Mobile Casino Games Dominate App Spend

A recent report from research company App Annie has revealed interesting statistics about the mobile app market. According to the report, games, including those on offer at mobile casinos, account for the majority of spending in the industry. In more detail, it was explained that of the $143 billion spent on the app markets in 2020, around $100 billion could be traced directly back to gaming. To put it another way, of every $1 spent, 70c was for mobile casinos and other iGaming apps.

Note that these numbers amount takes into account both iOS and Google Play, the dominant digital stores.

In terms of downloads, however, the numbers are different, putting the situation into more focus. 36% of all apps downloaded in 2020 were gaming related, which is less than might have been thought. In broader terms, of the 218 billion downloads that occurred over the course of 2020, only 80 million were for gaming.

Core Versus Casual

Mobile casinos Canada and other forms of gaming apps can be broken down into distinct categories. Namely, casual and core. The casual version are those that are free to play, but monetize via advertisements. According to the report, the casual variety have vast user basis, with millions of players. However, this type of entertainment typically attracts very little direct expenditure.

Core games, such as those offered at mobile casinos, are a different story. This sort of entertainment has fewer players but tends to attract a far more dedicated fan base. It is in this category that most spending occurs. In total, core apps of this type generate roughly 66% of all income.

But, predictably, in terms of downloads the numbers are again very different. Of all game related downloads 78% are casual. Thus, it can be seen how engaged the so-called core fan base really are.

In More Detail

Breaking down the numbers further, the statistics are as follows. Mobile casino players, including mobile casino Canada enthusiasts, account for around 11% of the core player base. This group accounts for around 55% of all time spent on phone-based games.

In total, around 222 billion hours were spent playing games in 2019. In 2020 that number had climbed significantly to 296 billion.

 So needless to say, the market is seeing incredible growth, and likely won’t be slowing down any time soon. As to how mobile casinos add to the growing iGaming market in the long term, the results remain to be seen.

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