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Mobile Casino Marketing Trends in 2018

David Burgundy | 05 Jan 2018

Mobile Casino Marketing Trends in 2018The mobile and online casino sector is fiercely competitive, with operators popping up all over the world. In Canada, the number of developers and operators soared in 2017 and will most likely continue to increase in 2018. For those that want to survive in such a competitive marketplace, inventive marketing is needed to stay ahead of the pack. We take a look at a few ways that emerging mobile casinos and established operators can retain their leadership in the industry.

Enhanced Mobile Apps

As seen in 2017, the easiest and fastest way to a player’s heart is through their app interface. While there are plenty of strategies tipped to increase revenue, providing enhanced apps is the number one priority. This means making mobile apps faster, more feature-rich and easier to use than ever before. In 2018, we can expect to see more compact apps with more games, easier interfaces and more variety than in 2017. To add to this, the games themselves will see a conversion over to the HTML 5 format making them easily accessible across all platforms.


In 2017 we saw the emergence of commercially available virtual reality technology. With headsets at affordable prices and refined technology, both online and land-based casinos started to embrace the phenomenon. Players are able to walk around virtual casinos and choose which slots they want to play. Online and mobile casinos are seeing the value in VR and are currently developing more games and virtual poker tournaments with expanded VR environments. Operators who can offer a more feature-rich and refined VR experience will control the market. 

Market Positioning

Perhaps the most important way forward for casinos is to create a distinct niche for themselves in the industry. We have already seen casinos giving themselves brand personality through local identification and brand imagery. Whether it be personalised banking options or Canadian-friendly support of specific bonuses for local players, personalisation and location is the key. Players want to feel special and want to be rewarded for who they are and where they are based.

Social Media

Social Media is a powerful tool for corporate advertising. But with Facebook demanding an exorbitant fee for mobile casino advertisements, operators will have to look at more creative alternatives. If we have learned anything from the casino industry, it is that the online and mobile casinos are nothing if not creative and flexible. Finding both a short and long term social media strategy is just par for the course for casino marketing agencies. What this means is that we can expect to see our favourite casino sites popping up in new places with high user traffic.

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