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The Best Mobile Game Genres

David Burgundy | 05 Mar 2021

The Best Mobile Game GenresThere is no question that the world of smartphone gaming is taking off. But which genre of mobile game is the most popular, and getting the most attention? From shooters to puzzle adventures to mobile casino games, which are the best mobile game genres? Do players prefer to earn battle XP in shooters, or do they lean more towards engaging in micro bets?

Here is a brief look at the best mobile game genres currently available for mobile devices, plus a quick glimpse of which demographic each category appeals to.

Battle Arenas And Card Games

There is no question that one of the best mobile game genres right now is battle arenas. These games allow players to take control of a hero, each hero coming equipped with special abilities, and go head to head in an online arena. Battle arena titles like League of Legends, created by Riot Games, were first popularised on the PC, but have since made the jump to smartphones and other mobile devices. This is where you’ll find many of the young adult and teenager smartphone gamers.

Collectible card titles such as the ever-popular Pokémon, created by the Pokemon Company International, are another hot scene. Easy to play, but difficult to master, these games rely on players collecting as many digital cards as possible. Youngsters are your most common age group here, but even adults can be found nursing their own digital card collections.

Online Casinos

Mobile casino games are, of course, amongst the best mobile game category available, and the software only seems to be getting better with each passing year. From Roulette, to Poker, to online slots, this is where you’ll find the majority of adult smartphone gamers.

Award winning studios such as NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming pump a fresh stream of real money titles into dedicated online casinos, keeping gambling enthusiasts coming back for more. Plus, more recently, Live dealer games have also become popular, taking the experience to a whole new level.

Revolutionary studios such as Evolution are the leaders in the case of this live dealer revolution and specialise in broadcasting video feeds of real croupiers directly to internet capable mobile devices. All in all, mobile casino games are fast becoming the most popular of all adult smartphone entertainment options.

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