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Why Mobile Is The Future Of Casino Games

David Burgundy | 07 Dec 2020

casino gamesToday, a mobile phone is no longer merely a means to get in touch with a saved contact. Mobile won our free time by being affordable, accessible, compact, connectable, and perhaps most important of all, always on. Plus, it puts a world of casino games at our fingertips.

The rise of the smartphone saw us rely on mobile technology even more heavily and more intensely than before. Not only do we use our smartphones for telecommunication, GPS navigation, and internet-on-the-move functionality in general, but we’ve also more increasingly started to use our mobile devices for more leisurely types of activities – booking holidays, scheduling social events, for love and romance via online dating apps, and, of course, to satisfy our love for online gaming entertainment, including online casino games.

Screen Time Is Money

According to ongoing surveys conducted by eMarketer, mobile will soon top even television in terms of daily screen time. And as for how the bulk of our available screen time will be spent, gaming leads the way by a mile.

Usage statistics show that those of us who use gaming and casino games apps spend an average of between 6.5 and 10.5 hours a week on those apps – and with at least 78% of all users reporting daily use.

When asked why they play mobile games, most people respond with a resolute, in order to pass time in an enjoyable manner. Which is of course exactly where mobile (smartphone) gaming enjoys a superb and clear advantage: our casino games can now go wherever we do. Unlike TV, our phones are easily carried anywhere.

No Competition For Mobile

All of the above makes glaringly obvious the fact that the future of gaming is mobile.

Not to mention everything else, today’s smartphones are literally consoles and small computers in the palms of our hands. And the way we choose to use our newfound computing power will only depend on our preferred variety and style of gaming.

According to research conducted by App Annie, games currently account for nearly 33% of all global downloads, which is truly astounding. But even more incredible is that according to the same research, mobile gaming in 2020 accounted for roughly 72% of all smartphone marketplace spending.

Mobile is the future of casino games for several reasons. There are the actual players who take their games seriously, there are marketers learning all they can from the mobile gaming industry, and then there are developers discovering a whole new world of monetization opportunities.

Data has led us down many roads. And of all of these, mobile gaming has been the most significant of them all.