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New NFL Schedule Impacts Teams & Sports Betting

David Burgundy | 24 May 2021

New NFL Schedule Impacts Teams & Sports BettingSince strength of schedule matters quite a bit in the NFL, the 2021/22 season promises to be quite the intricate setup, to say the very least. Much to sports betting fans delight, the NFL recently announced the official schedule for teams, with each franchise now more clearly able to determine what a possible road to the playoffs might look like.

But the current schedule isn’t the lone contributing factor to what sports betting Canada fans can expect to see during the run-up to the playoffs. How teams and players fared last season plays a significant role too. Considering last season’s results, combined with the anticipated impact of the new season, we’ve come up with who we predict will have the easiest schedule, and who’ll be shedding blood, sweat, and tears, and with not a single breather until the very end.

The Hardest: Pittsburgh Steelers

The release of the regular season schedule certainly isn’t doing the Steelers any favours this year.

After last year’s devastating collapse at the end, it remains to be seen whether the men in the black and yellow will this year beat the incredible odds now stacked up against them. And the mighty fight starts already in Week 1, when they go up against the Buffalo Bills in their season opener on Sept. 12.

The Buffalo Bills made it all the way to the AFC Championship game last year, and while this doesn’t automatically mean trouble for Pittsburgh, it does predict something in terms of what the Steelers can expect on opening day, and sports betting fans will need to keep tabs on this.

The Easiest: Philadelphia Eagles

Thanks mostly to exceptionally favourable travel conditions this year, the Philadelphia Eagles have the easiest NFL schedule for 2021 by far.

While the first six weeks are pretty stacked, the Eagles won’t be getting anywhere near a plane after Week 10. Also, they’ll be finishing the season with four straight division games to boot, making the burden even easier as they head into the new season.

Out of all the teams, only the Raiders and the Texans will enjoy a more favourable travel-schedule than Philadelphia, while five of the team’s main rivals will suffer under a bulky travel burden this year. If you enjoy sports betting Canada activities at top sites like MyBookie, then this is a team to watch.

Yes-Odds To 8th Ring For Brady

While most people his age aren’t exactly playing high-profile football on a Sunday afternoon, Tom Brady is well on his way to making it happen for an 8th ring this year.

And considering Brady and the Buccaneers have the fourth easiest season ahead of them this year, the possibility of another Vince Lombardi Trophy has just become all that more likely an event, so sports betting enthusiasts should take note!

At the end of the day, whichever way the cookie ends up crumbling this year, the Buccaneers will be more than ready to bring their defense as they defend their Super Bowl title with the help of their most valuable player.

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