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PokerStars Unveils VR Poker at 2018 EXG

David Burgundy | 11 Oct 2018

PokerStars VR GamePokerStars announced the beta launch of its long-awaited VR player experience at the 2018 EGX.  The brand has hit us with yet another major upgrade in the online Poker experience, outdoing its competitors once again.

The new product promises unparalleled player involvement and gaming ambience via the latest developments in innovative super immersive VR technology. It provides such a lifelike gaming experience that it rivals the real thing in some ways, and is an elegant addition to PokerStars’ already impressive live dealer games that you can access on your normal 2D PC monitors.

For the purposes of the current closed beta testing, they decided to only allow 100 players to participate in the free-to-play environment, using its dedicated Virtual Reality app.

Limited Accessibiliity

Initially, the PokerStars VR network will only be accessible to the public via compatible high-end computer hardware platforms, or extremely powerful desktops supporting extremely powerful GPUs that are capable of running either HTC Vive VR Headsets or the Oculus Rift.

For the duration of its beta testing, the brand is limiting its VR Poker playing environments to just 5 rooms - a 2050 Macau gaming suite, a yacht, a Wild West Saloon, a completely blacked out room. Players get to personalise their avatar, enjoy typical casino activities such as ordering a martini, chatting to a cigar lady and selecting a fat Cohiba to enjoy, and more!

Innovative New Technology

The excitement among the top brass at PokerStars is tangible, and by all accounts this new VR product is a winner. They see it as a way to for technology to improve online Poker as we know it, allowing the game to evolve and progress into the future, while still providing the interactive experience that players have enjoyed for many years.

Super Realistic Entertainment

PokerStars have created a VR world that mimics the real game, down to the extent that you truly feel you are there. Social elements have also been introduced, and knowledge of behavioural intelligence has been used in its design.

The immersion is so extreme that players undergo a totally authentic experience. Additionally, they get fed constant and accurate statistics concerning each of the opposing players, information not normally at your fingertips. Game statistics? Right there. Want to see the observations of betting habits of the opposing players? You can see it. You are limited only by your imagination. And how you use this information is also up to you. In a virtual world, nothing is stopping you from expressing yourself in any number of ways!

A final release date for the general public has not yet been announced.