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Skillz Adds eSports to Mobile Games

David Burgundy | 13 Oct 2016

Skillz is a gaming company that speSkillz Adds eSports to Mobile Games cialises in adding features like league functions, eSports and rankings to mobile platforms. The company has recently suggested that adding eSports-related features like rankings and tournaments to mobile games can substantially increase the revenues they produce, particularly in countries like Canada where mobile gaming is particularly popular.

Skillz has stated that the addition of these features will also drastically increase the amount of time each player spends on a mobile app, as well as the amount of money spent. eSports has evolved into a thriving business, posing an estimated value of over $492 million. With such a large and continuously growing industry, it might seem at first glance as though the mobile gaming sector may have some competition. However, it seems that mobile providers can still claim their share of the market by incorporating popular eSports features into their offerings.

Skillz Sees Increased Revenues and Average Gaming Times

In a recent statement to GamesBeat, Skillz revealed that its developer partners have seen a notable increase in average revenue per daily active user since incorporating eSports features. These ARPDAU figures stand at $0.92 per user, which is more than eight times greater than the $0.11 industry average that Skillz claims.

Skillz and its partners also noticed that the length of players’ daily gaming time increased on average. Players at the company’s competitive mobile gaming platform spend 58 minutes a day on gaming on average, compared to the industry standard of around 33 minutes.

While incorporating eSports features can pose a challenge for many providers, Skillz remedies this by offering its own customisable additions for prize pools, league functions, and eSports tournaments. The new features will allow mobile providers from Canada and other territories to capitalise on the newfound popularity of eSports gaming.

Skillz Plans To Democratise eSports

According to Skillz’s chief executive officer Andrew Paradise in a comment to GamesBeat, the company is working towards ‘democratising’ eSports. Skillz aims to make eSports features available for every mobile gaming provider, as well as every player on their platforms.

The company hopes to provide a clear path of progression for these players, helping them understand how to top the ranks, and also provide new ways for developers to generate revenues.

Paradise also commented on the mobile industry, saying that a holdover from social media gaming created many games based on a pay-to-win monetisation form. He said that developers have focused on creating games in which players had to spend in order to win, which negates any competition by default.

The Skillz pay-to-play model, he noted, allows players to compete at the platform’s highest levels, fostering a sense of competitive gaming instead. The company plans to return to the older days of gaming, where competition was the main objective.