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Social Casinos Show Perks Of iGaming

David Burgundy | 31 Mar 2017

Social Casinos Show Perks Of iGamingIt’s no secret that mobile gaming is on the rise. With an estimated global value of around $99.6 billion this year, the mobile casino market is stronger than ever, with more Canadians than ever before switching from traditional desktop sites to more convenient mobile play.

However, there is another gaming trend that is also on the rise. Free to play social casino games are the new favourite way to play for many – especially for the younger generation of Millennials. Social casino games offer many features that traditional casino games do not, including the ability for players to compete with their friends and use skills to climb the leaderboard and unlock new features.

Skills-based gaming is a massive trend among young players today, no doubt thanks to their similarity to the video games that this generation grew up with. Even more interesting is the fact that free to play social casino games are bolstering mobile growth, and are even strengthening the real money iGaming market.

Free Social Games Bolster Real Money Mobile Gaming Market

Many Canadian players consider mobile casino cash gaming and social casinos to be competitors, but recent data suggests otherwise. Social casino games are often a medium through which new players are introduced to the world of virtual casinos.

Nowadays, players who enjoy free social casino games on hubs like Facebook are much more inclined to move onto real money gaming at a desktop or mobile casino site. This trend has considerably boosted the real money mobile casino market, as unlike social casino games which offer in-app purchases but no returns, real money mobile games allow players the chance to win some cash in return.

Combined Social and Mobile Games Could Soon Become Reality

Social casino gaming is also a non-intrusive and risk free way to discover how enjoyable mobile gaming can be. Social casinos do offer in-app purchases, but they are not mandatory, thereby attracting a wide range of players who are looking for free mobile entertainment.

Of course, the appeal of winning cash is undeniable for many of these players, which is why they often move on to cash casino gaming at trusted local casino apps.

While social casinos and mobile casinos are still competitors to some degree, players can perhaps look forward to combinations of their features such as casino promotions geared towards social play. Crossover games may also soon become a reality, allowing social casino gamers to enjoy their same game of choice for the chance at real money wins should they so choose.