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Sugar Ray Leonard Confirmed Speaker At ICE

David Burgundy | 24 Apr 2019

sugar ray leonardFans of sports; and in particular boxing; will be delighted to learn that attendees at the upcoming inaugural edition of ICE North America, will be treated to a special appearance by none other than superstar boxing legend and Olympic champion Sugar Ray Leonard.

Leonard is famous for having become the world’s first boxer to have won world titles in 5 weight classes; a feat that was considered to be bordering on the impossible before the amicable champ proved just about everybody wrong.

The boxing champion will deliver a special speech at the games conference. ICE North America is scheduled to run from 13 through 15 May.

A First For North America

ICE event director Rory Credland is literally beside himself with excitement at the prospect of Leonard’s special appearance and address. Credland said that there was nothing quite like bringing a professional able to give a first-hand account of life in the ring to the expo, and that as far as top choices go, it would be hard to find a more charismatic and professional embodiment of a true athlete than the pro-boxer.

Credland said that only die-hard fans of sports would really understand the significance of an athlete like Leonard’s appearance at the expo. He also said that the boxer’s attendance and special appearance testified to the fact that the ICE event organisers would be a hard act to follow in terms of bringing only the best in entertainment to what is considered to be the most influential gathering of the international games community.

ICE events are staged all over the world, and the Boston event will be North America’s first.

The Makings Of A Legend

In addition to his five-trick, Leonard also became the very first fighter to have won more than $100,000 in prize money for his antics in the ring. In the 1980’s he was named fighter of the decade by US journalists and really did a lot to boost the popularity ratings of various weight classes; especially the lower classes.

He is also a celebrated and accomplished sports broadcaster and has provided his professional commentary and broadcasting services to ESPN, HBO, Fox, NBC and many other popular platforms.