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Top 10 Unusual Smartphone Tricks

David Burgundy | 09 Dec 2016


These days, we’d struggle to live without our smartphones

Many special functions and performance enhancers are exclusive to Android phones and they’re also the perfect devices for mobile casino play. There’s a whole range of unexpected apps and add-ons too, which will improve your daily life.

  • Check Your Engine

    The Automatic Pro plugs into the OBD-II port on cars to communicate with smartphones via 3G and explain what is going wrong. It’s the perfect solution when your Check Engine light comes on.

  • Measure Heart Health 

    Press your fingers to tiny AliveCor Kardia touchpads, and an app on your phone will display all the information about your current heart activity.

  • Ensure You Drink Enough Water

    The Hidrate Spark water bottle tracks how much you’ve drunk and sends data direct to your device, rather than relying on you entering the information.
    Drinking water

  • Measure Your Muscles

    The Skulpt Scanner allows you to check your body fat percentage and muscle fibre size. The device relays all information to your phone, where you can look at it in an easy-to-understand layout.

  • Catch Fish

    Attach the iBobber to your fishing line and use it to locate fish, then access the information on your smartphone.

  • Practice Basketball

    The Wilson X Basketball will connect with your smartphone to monitor your performance, and run you through training exercises like a real coach does.

  • Photomath

    Take a picture of any problem and get an instant, step-by-step answer.

  • Diagnose a Leaky Window

    Turn your phone into a thermal imaging camera with FLIR One’s add-on, and identify pipes that need insulation.
    Phone charger

  • Microscope Functionality

    A few products act as microscopes and then send the images to your smartphone, to entertain any budding scientists.

  • Prevent Drunk Driving

    The Bluetooth BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer will analyse your breath and send the info to your smartphone app. You’ll get an estimate of how long it will take to be able to drive safely again, and the app can even call you an Uber!