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Wearable Technology Trends for 2017

David Burgundy | 22 Dec 2016

Wearable Technology Trends for 2017As always, there have already been many predictions for the technological developments we can expect in the coming year. The predictions for wearable devices are among the most exciting, with this sector that was once thought to be something of a fad now showing that it is here to stay.

Devices that enable connectivity, and thus give us the ability to play casino games, check email and use the Internet for everything else while on the go are still being improved upon and released, but there is a lot more going on in the world of wearable technology that’s just as fascinating.

While not an exhaustive list, it seems safe to say that the following will be important wearable technology trends in 2017:

  • Wearable Healthcare
  • 3D Bioprinting
  • Invisibility
  • Intelligent Fashion
  • Better Fitness Tracking

Wearable Healthcare

Technology to track vital signs and even menstrual cycles is already available, and should improve and become more widespread in 2017. This could have significant benefits for developing countries in dire need of quality, cost-effective healthcare, in addition to being helpful to individuals in the first world. Rising health concerns have seen many people opt for a tracker, as it can pinpoint areas that need attention and as technology improves, so too does the focus on staying healthy.

3D Bioprinting

Using 3D printers to produce tissues and organs, or 3-D bioprinting, becomes a greater reality every day, and 2017 is expected to show huge developments in this area. Printing an organ and then having it transplanted might soon be the ultimate in wearable technology!


The idea of invisibility in wearables is that they will not obviously seem like pieces of technology. This means they might be disguised in beautiful jewellery, key chains or other items. Integrating the pieces like this makes it a lot more likely that people will use them, and get the most out of the devices that they own. Gartner, the renowned analyst firm, actually predicts that 30% of wearables will soon be invisible to the naked eye.

The increased focus on personal safety is almost a subcategory of the invisibility trend. Panic buttons will be cleverly camouflaged in different wearables to help keep people safe from wherever their daily lives happen to take them.

Intelligent Fashion

3-D bioprintingIntelligent fashion is anther area that looks set to expand rapidly in the next few years. Hexoskin by CES is a shirt that will gather various biometric data, and Samsung has patented smart contact lenses to capture images and project them directly to the wearer’s eye. There are plenty of other similar projects in development, all of which will enhance your daily life experiences and your interaction with the environment when you wear them.

Better Fitness Tracking

Fitness trackers are expected to become even more in-depth than they are today, and different models may focus more on certain aspects over others. The Neatamo June Bracelet, for example, measures sun exposure and helps users to apply sunscreen optimally in order to reduce the risk of melanoma.

The general focus on using wearables to make life better and improve its overall quality is perfectly illustrated in the 2017 models of fitness monitors. As the original wearable devices to have hit the market, this seems very fitting.