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Play Roulette Online for Real Money - Premium Edition

If you want to play Roulette online for real money, and enjoy games that are rewarding as well as exciting, Playtech's Premium Roulette is for you. Thanks to the Playtech ONE omni-channel platform, the game plays just as well on mobile devices as it does on desktop. You can also download and install the software, or play it in the browser of your choice.

Get ready to enjoy the best online casino games Canada has to offer, in whatever way suits you best!

Game Rules

In Playtech’s Premium edition the rules of the standard European version of the game are followed, making it a rewarding way to play Roulette online for real money. All the usual Inside and Outside bets are offered, and you'll move the chips onto the virtual table in order to place your bet. When you're finished, you'll watch simulations of the wheel being spun and the ball being dropped, and the results are created by certified Random Number Generation algorithms.

Premium vs. Regular Roulette

There are a few key differences between a Premium and a regular online Roulette casino game:

  • In the Premium version, Neighbour and Call Bets are placed on a separate betting track.
  • The Premium variation also allows for Final Bets, where you predict the second digit of the winning number, which most regular games do not.
  • Premium Roulette offers more customisable controls, including betting table colour and camera angle.

Premium Benefits

Here are just a few of the advantages you'll enjoy when you play Roulette online for real money this way:

  • Get extra information in the History panel on the side of the screen, to help you decide how to wager.
  • Slick, attractive graphics that create an authentic casino atmosphere.
  • Wide betting ranges and high payouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What System Requirements Must I Meet?

The minimum system requirements to play a Premium online Roulette casino game on your iPhone or iPad are iOS version 5.1.1 or later. If you're downloading the app for your chosen casino, you need to make sure you have enough memory space; usually you'll need about 20 MB.

You need to check that you have sufficient memory space on your Android device in the same way, and will have be running Android 4.1 OS or later. For other tablets and smartphones, the minimum system requirements should be easy to find on your casino's homepage.

What does the History panel display?

The screen's History panel will show you the most recent winning numbers as well as the Coverage percentage. The Coverage percentage refers to what portion of the possible results is covered by your bet.

Can I play for free?

Yes, at most of our recommended sites you can many of the best online casino games Canada has available for free, including this one. This is the perfect way to practice and perfect your strategy, so that you win more when you do play Roulette online for real money.

Strategy Advice, Tips and Tricks

Since Premium Roulette follows the usual European rules, we offer the same advice; start with the easier Outside Bets, and play for free before betting real money. You should also take advantage of the additional information in the History panel when you're deciding how to wager.

Additionally, when you play Roulette online for real money always manage your bankroll properly and consider using a positive or negative progressive betting strategy for Outside Bets. With positive progression, you increase and decrease your stake as you win and lost, and with negative progression you do the opposite.

The specific increments depend on which particular method you're using, but the idea is that, over time, you recoup your losses and generate a small profit. Of course, if you want ultimate excitement you can put everything on whatever your lucky number is!

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