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Basic Roulette Tips

The internet and, by extension, the mobile web have changed the face of casino gaming forever, and for the better. For years now authors and gaming aficionados have been writing about ways to best the casino and beat the house. Basic roulette tips can be found all over the show, but thus far we have not come across anything full proof, and why would there be? Casino gaming is about luck and that luck is determined by a mathematically sound algorithm designed to spew out random occurrences. Regulation makes sure that these algorithms are always checked to provide players with a gaming experience that is fair and totally random.

Why The Net is Better

The beauty of playing casino games in the online or mobile space is that you’ve got more time to learn these games and to try out strategies you might deem fit. The net is awash with tips and strategies, and who’s to say you won’t find something truly workable? The net makes gaming very one-on-one; it removes the pressure you might feel if you were in a land-based casino. This makes playing online better as well at the implantation of strategy. We’re not going to discuss things like the Martingale strategy – a strategy that demands you to double your bet after each loss. That’s the equivalent of buying straight into the gamblers fallacy.

What is the Gamblers Fallacy?

The gamblers fallacy is the perceived notion that you are somehow owed something from a game or that it should eventually pay you out. The gambler’s fallacy is at its most potent if you’ve been going at it for a while and you have not been compensated accordingly or in a way that you would deem worthy. The gamblers fallacy can occur in any game and in the case of roulette can occur if you’ve invested a lot of time and money and seen little returns. One of the best ways to refrain from getting sucked into the gamblers fallacy is to view what you’re doing as a fun pastime – your entertainment for the evening, to avoid drinking while playing and to be vigilant with your funds. Sounds like a tall order? Not if you’re serious about your casino gaming.

5 Roulette Tips to Follow

Tip 1: If it’s your first time playing mobile roulette, play it in its practice play format. There’s no time limit on how many rounds you can play and you’ll soon get to grips with the game and its rules.

Tip 2: When possible, avoid betting on actual numbers and rather go for the side column bets or for colour specific bets. The likelihood of getting a return is higher if you play this way.

Tip 3: Always monitor what numbers and colours have won the previous rounds. You can do this by checking the game’s history and by observing a specially designated screen. By constantly observing what has come before, you can make better choices.

Tip 4: Always bank what you started out with. For instance, if you started with CA$50 and down the line you’ve got CA$100, bank CA$50. This way if things do go south, at least you get to walk away with what you started.

Tip 5: If you can, rather play the European and French versions of the game while steering clear of the American Version which is known for having a stronger house edge.

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