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Playing Scratch Cards On Your Mobile

For many players, one of the biggest benefits of playing casino games online is being able to access the widest range of games from around the world. In Canada, mobile casinos offer players the opportunity to play mobile casino games in all shapes and sizes. While slots remain the most popular type of game for most players, instant win, lottery games and Scratch Cards are certainly becoming more and more popular. Online and mobile lottery games are instant win games that are based on the classic lottery type scratch and win games that you can buy at the supermarket.

As with slot games, Scratch Cards are easy to play and offer up big payouts without having to learn complicated rules and strategies. This gives the game a fun and rewarding aspect. If you have ever played the lottery at home, you will probably be familiar with scratch and win games. The first scratch and win card was invented in 1974 as a result of lottery research done by two men in the industry.

Previously lottery tickets were sold to players who had to wait until the end of the week to find out if they had won any prize. The research showed that players would much rather find out if they had won anything right there and then. This gave rise to the ideal of a scratch and win type card that displayed the winnings directly on the card itself.

The Evolution of Scratch Cards

Land based Scratch Cards are all very similar. The cards have a type of metallic strip covering various sections of the card. Once a player purchases a card, they can scratch away the metallic strip and reveal the prize hidden underneath. If a player won a prize, they could return the card to the store where they purchased it to receive the cash straight away. This type of instant gratification quickly grew in popularity. Soon every lottery in the US, Canada and the developing world had a scratch and win system linked to local and state lotteries.

When online casinos hit the scene in the 1990’s the stage was set for the development of electronic Scratch Cards. While the early versions of the game were pretty basic, today there are dozens of online scratch and win games that include high quality graphics, animation and sound effects to boost the overall excitement of the game.

The basic concept of the scratch and win game remains the same. The idea is to click (scratch) on a certain area in the game to reveal an instant prize. Players can enjoy as many games as they like, with random number generators producing the gaming results.

How Mobile Scratch Cards Work

If you have played slots or casino games on your mobile, getting started with Scratch Cards is quite easy. Once you have logged into the casino, all you have to do is click on the game you want to play and start scratching!

The benefit of playing scratch and win games online is that you can always try the game out first and play for free. As with all online casino games, scratch card games can be played both for free or for real money. This gives players the opportunity to learn how the game works before actually putting down their money.

Online and mobile Scratch Cards are simple casino games played on a single screen. Modern scratch and win games combine the simplicity of a lottery game with the excitement of a video slot. Most instant win games are themed and include high quality graphics, animations and sound effects that enhance the gaming experience. For example, you may be interested in a Christmas themed game. A Christmas themed scratch and win game would feature Father Christmas, his elves and maybe some reindeer. When a winning combination is achieved, some of the characters would animate and possibly start singing.

Scratch Card game play is fairly simple. Most instant win games will have the game buttons situated at the bottom of the screen. To start the game, the first step is to buy a card. If you are used to playing slots, you can think of each card as one spin on the slot machine. For each card you can set the betting amount with the up and down arrows. Obviously, the more you bet per card, the higher the payout is going to be for the win.

Themed Scratch Card Games

Mobile Scratch Cards games all have a similar setup. In most cases, there will be six or eight themed symbols that offer various payouts. In our theoretical Christmas themed slot, three elves might pay out 5x your total bet while Santa will pay out 50x your total bet for all three on a card. In some cases, the highest paying symbols can offer up to 200 or 500x the total bet stake. When you click on the “buy card” button, a block of nine to twelve scratch pads will activate on the screen. You can then tap on each individual pad to reveal a character underneath. Players can also click on the “Scratch all” button to instantly reveal all the characters.

With online and mobile Scratch Cards, the software will automatically determine if a player has a winning combination and will pay out accordingly. Players can reset the game by tapping on the “buy card” button again to reveal a new set of cards. Some scratch and win games are casino themed and offer a type of casino table or card game in the process. Players will find various blackjack and poker instant win games online at all leading mobile casinos. In these games, the dealer will be dealt a blackjack or poker hand. The player then scratches off various hands to reveal either a higher scoring or lower scoring hand than the dealer. These type of games combine the excitement of table games with the instant gratification of scratch card games.