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Cleo Queen of Egypt Slot Game

Few queens are as well known as Cleopatra, and almost no queens are as featured in as many slot games. Cleopatra has all but become a slot game legend, and the Cleo Queen of Egypt slot game is yet another dedication to her legendary beauty. She is looking more alluring than ever before here, and even has the added benefit of being animated. It’s true she is not as well animated as some other modern slot games, but she has hardly looked more appealing. Just look at those enchanting eyes.

As can already be guessed, Cleo Queen of Egypt is ancient Egyptian themed. All the most recognisable symbols are featured, such as the Eye of Ra, golden ankh, and pyramids, making the game another journey into that beautiful but mystical place from long ago. All in all, Cleo Queen of Egypt is a well made and entertaining game that’s sure to keep players coming back for more!

Gorgeous Graphics and Visuals

The graphics of the Cleo Queen of Egypt slot game are impressive in every aspect. The image of a camel silhouetted before the pyramids is especially well done, with detail and atmosphere virtually dripping from every pixel indicating very talented artists worked on this game. Cleopatra looks real enough to touch, and her presence on the reels is nothing short of enchanting. The sound in the game, however, does not live up to the high standards set by the graphics.

The Cleo queen of Egypt sound effects are somewhat lacking. There is hardly music to speak of, no ambient sounds or sound effects, and even the sounds of the reels spinning leaves much to be desired. It by no means makes the game less playable, but it’s difficult not to feel like a great deal more could have been done as far as sound is concerned. But let’s head over to the bonuses and game play department, where the game again shines.

Bonuses and Game Play

The Cleo Queen of Egypt slot game uses a 5 reel, 9 betting line system. Betting lines are adjustable via the two arrow buttons near the bottom of the play area, and a skilled player will adjust the lines for maximum winning potential. The most valuable symbol in the game is, of course, Cleopatra herself, who also doubles as a wild symbol. A wild symbol will match with any other symbol in order to create a winning combination, which is essential for making as many wins occur as possible. Cleopatra may also be matched with herself, which can trigger a jackpot payout.

If you manage to match Cleopatra the maximum of 5 times on 1 row the jackpot amount will be awarded. This is an enormous sum, and will certainly put a smile on your face. The previously mentioned pyramid symbol is a scatter symbol, and if matched at least 3 times will grant a number of free spins. The free spins will play out automatically, with winnings accumulated until the last spin.

For a stunning mobile slots adventure look no further than Cleo Queen of Egypt!

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