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Egyptian Gold Slots Game

Slots games have a long running tradition of being set in ancient Egypt, thanks mostly to the old classic Queen of the Nile game. Known as the first game to offer multiple betting lines, and boasting exceptional quality, Queen of the Nile set a new standard for other games to shoot for. There have been many attempts to dethrone Queen of the Nile over the years, and although many have been great games, few have surpassed the lofty benchmark.

The Egyptian Gold slot game might not reach the same heights as its role model, but it does not disappoint by any means. Featuring a lively soundtrack, dazzling special effects and an interesting play style, Egyptian Gold is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Plus, now being optimised for mobile devices, it can tag along with you wherever you go, and offer a few minutes of entertainment whenever you need them.

Sate of the Art Slots Machine

Egyptian Gold uses a 5 reel, 20 betting line system. The betting lines are manually adjustable via the interface at the bottom of the pay area, which is excellent news for those who like a strategic approach to game play. Keep in mind that raising the betting lines also automatically raises the bet amount per spin, so the optimal approach is to raise betting lines in anticipation of a winning streak.

The most unique and interesting feature of Egyptian Gold is the Lock and Load system. Upon any spin being achieved, the matching symbols instantly lock in place, and the remaining symbols re-spin. If the initial win is improved in any way, the winning symbols will again lock in place, and the remaining symbols will again automatically re-spin. This will continue for as long as the win is improved. Obviously, this is a highly unique and interesting play system, offering incredible chances at scoring big with literally every win achieved.

A Graphic Rich Slots Game

Egyptian Gold has one of the more creative soundtracks you’ll be hearing, thumping away with a modern ancient Egyptian theme that is sure to get some toes tapping. You may want to put the sound down if you’re looking to play in a public place, however, the soundtrack also happens to be one of the loudest slot game themes you’re likely to hear, and is turned on by default.

The visuals of Egyptian Gold are impressive and the various special effects used are well animated. The game is centred mostly on the classic playing card symbols - 10, jack, queen, king and ace, and these have all been adorned to suit the theme and are brightly coloured. The reels are set against a typical Egyptian desert background and the paylines are denoted by what look like hieroglyphic style icons, adding to the games authenticity.

Egyptian Gold plays flawlessly on smartphone and tablet, and it’s the ideal game to enjoy on the go. Its uncomplicated, boasts great graphics, a vibey soundtrack and plenty of chances to strike it lucky! Give the reels a spin on your iPhone or Android and enjoy top quality entertainment at Canada’s best mobile casinos!

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