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Spin and Win with Gods Of Giza Slots

Gods of Giza is an outstanding slots game, notable for many reasons. It has not only some of the best graphics in modern slots games, featuring outstanding attention to detail and impressively realistic Egyptian icons, but also a truly unique playing system. It is one of very few games that utilises a rotating play area design, which turns standard slots game play into something else completely. Let’s have a closer look at what makes the Gods of Giza slots game tick.

It should first be noted that Gods of Giza has been fully adapted for smart phone and tablet platforms. The user interface in particular benefits from being touch screen friendly, with simple one-touch functionality that is a breeze to operate. One will first note that the interface is modest, making the game perfect for smaller phone screens; and second that the buttons are large and easily tapped. The button on the right is the spin button, while the button on the left will open the advanced menu. Keep in mind that adjusting bets is done via the advanced menu.

Great Graphics

The artists that worked on Gods of Giza were clearly going for a comic book influenced aesthetic. This may not seem like an immediately good match for an ancient Egypt based game, but the match is somehow a perfect one. The intense looking pharaoh is brilliantly brought to life with a scowling face and fierce eyes, while Cleopatra couldn’t look any more angelic and beautiful. Plus, being that the images are all high definition, they truly shine on more modern phones that are high definition capable.

Note also the Gods of Giza background image, which seems as if it could have been ripped straight from a real pyramid and placed into the game - this contrast of amazing realism with the comic book symbol designs is another decision that seems like it shouldn’t work, but somehow is a perfect match. All in all Gods of Giza is outstanding in the visuals department.

Unique Game Play

The rotating play area special function has already been mentioned. But let’s look at it again in more detail. If you manage to match the scatter symbol, represented by a golden ankh, at least 3 times, 10 free spins will instantly be granted. These spins will start to play out automatically. The trick is, however, that the play area will rotate 4 times after each spin.

Matches are created from left to right, so each time the play area turns it means that new opportunities for wins available. In other words, the 10 free spins are in fact 40 ways in total that winning combinations may be created. It’s a brilliant idea, and the creators of Gods of Giza should be given some kind of innovation award.

Overall, Gods of Giza is an astoundingly excellent slots game and it’s made even better by the fact that it’s been brilliantly adapted for play on the go. Get in on the action now at one of Canada’s best mobile casinos and embark on a reel spinning experience that’s sure to keep you mesmerised.

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