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Jungle Books Mobile Slots

Yggdrasil has done something interesting with its latest creation, Jungle Books Mobile Slots. The game is inspired by the original Disney and Kipling rendition of events but they’ve been smart about it. The title is plural as opposed to singular, thus the name Jungle Books. The character names are also changed and simplified. There’s no Mowgli, Shere Khan or Bagheera; instead you’ve got the Boy, the Tiger, the Panther, the Bear and the Snake. Technicalities aside, this is by far the most visually impressive game released by Yggdrasil to date. The company seems adamant about upping its game each time it releases something new. We cannot stress the splendour of the artwork, and if that’s not enough wait until you see how many features this game has. Before we delve further into the jungle, let’s tell you where you can play.

A Jungle of possibilities waits at Play OJO

If you think Play Ojo is a weird name for an operator to have, you’re not alone, we feel the same way. However, weird naming conventions aside, Play Ojo does have quite a bit going for it. It’s got a light-hearted theme – comedy seems to be a central focus. It’s got over 500 casino games in total and it’s got an interesting bonus policy perfectly summarised in a short and amusing ad campaign that you can view on their site. It’s powered by a bucket load of software providers too so expect incredible diversity.

Jungle Books: Look and Feel

An incredible adventure of incredible possibilities awaits you in Yggdrasil’s Jungle Books Mobile Slots. The animation style employed in this casino game is quite reminiscent of the style used in the version that Disney released way back in the 1960s. Everything looks fresh and digitised, giving the game itself an air of energy and vibrancy. The jungle is created in sheer artistic splendour with each character given his or its own features and backgrounds. The sheer magnitude of the game’s animated sequences is matched by the features that it provides.

Jungle Books: Features to Win

There’s a lot going on in Jungle Book Mobile Slots. This game will command your attention when you start playing it in the beginning. There’s a lot to get acquainted with and a lot to take in and understand. It’s not an arduous task, but if you’re a novice, this might not be the game to start things off with. But, practice makes perfect and the nature of a slot game is to play, play and play.  Each character provides a different realm for you to enter and then offers his or its own set of rewards. In terms of paylines, Jungle Books comes with realms and this means that depending on which realm you find yourself in will determine how many paylines there are. The Boy, the Bear and the Tiger all offer 58 paylines while the Panther and the Snake offer 68 paylines.

Backgrounds change and different animated sequences come into play when you enter a different realm or part of the game. Each character is assigned a realm and offers 2 special features. 

The Panther offers Wilds and Random Multipliers while the Tiger offers Sticky Respins and Stacked Wilds. Find yourself in the Boy’s realm and you’re in for Synced Reels and Spreading Wilds. The Snake lets your wins be acquired from left to right and vice versa while letting everything be tripled; and lastly the Bear can let you profit from his Honeycomb Bonus and his Stacked symbols. This is but a cursory glance of the game. For the real deal, play it now at play Ojo.

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