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Kings of Cash Mobile Slots

Microgaming continues to re-release its classic titles for those who prefer to conduct their online gaming through the mobile web. In other words, mobile users and more precisely, mobile casino players, can now enjoy titles like Kings of Cash as a mobile slots game.  Unveiled back in 2009, Kings of Cash gave players a cool theme based around all the royal members found in a deck of cards. Only the kings are focused on though – thus the title – Kings of Cash Mobile Slots. Assembled throughout the artwork of this game is the king of spades, the king of diamonds, the king of clubs and the king of hearts. It may not be the most exciting idea ever conveyed by a slots game but its reward potential more than makes up for any losses in the creative department. In fact, when you’ve got two Scatters and a Gamble feature, odds are you’re going to win something.

A Game fit for a King

Kings of Cash Mobile Slots has been given a pretty decent go-over to ensure its ability to function on the majority of mobile devices. If you’re an Android, iPhone or tablet user, you’ll be able to take in the fun and big winning possibilities of this game. Not that long ago the very notion of gambling on a phone, let alone winning real cash equitable to the amount you could win in a land based- casino, was inconceivable. But now you can enjoy the winning possibilities offered up by Kings of Cash Mobile Slots no matter where you might be! Enjoying a casino game like Kings of Cash Mobile Slots means that you’ll always be able to gain access to this game. It also means that you can play more, if you so choose to. And playing more can lead to winning more!

How to become a King of Cash

If you want to become a king of cash, the first thing you will need to do is install this game as an app on your phone or play it in your browser. Once you’ve gotten this part out of the way you’ll be well on your way. Kings of Cash is a little bit different from its peers in that it trades in its Wild symbol for an additional Scatter. In other words, this game comes with not one but two Scatter symbols. What does it mean you may ask? It means that Kings of Cash will give you not one but two bonus games.

The game’s two crowns are the Scatters. The one crown will let you enter into a pick-and-choose bonus game the minute three or more appear on the reels. Once this feature is activated you’ll be dealt 12 cards with the aim to match 4 kings. It won’t be easy, but if you can match 4 kings, you get 1000x your original bet. How’s that for a kingly reward?

The other Scatter symbol, which is a gold crown in a purple veil, will lead you into the game’s Free Spins feature. Access is granted when three and more appear on the reels and you can receive up to 25 Free Spins. In addition to the spins, all wins are multiplied by 2. If its wins fit for a king that you seek, then there’s no reason not to try out Kings of Cash Mobile Slots.

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