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Machine-Gun Unicorn Mobile Slots

It’s bizarre, it’s cute, its zany, it’s just plain weird! It’s Machine-Gun Unicorn Mobile Slots! If you thought that just about everything had been covered in terms of themes then Genesis Gaming is here to assure you that you ain’t seen nothing yet! No more is this more clearly illustrated than with Machine-Gun Unicorn. This game combines so many genres to create a complete gaming extravaganza. You’ve got horror, action, and fantasy and then you’ve got tough yet cute unicorns. It’s all so absurd and yet all so good. The basic premise of this mobile slots game is that the unicorns are living happily when all of a sudden zombies attack. But the unicorns aren’t having any of it and they fight back with bats, guns and axes. In what can only be deemed as utterly bizarre, Machine-Gun Unicorns Mobile Slots is definitely one for the books.

Enjoy Machine-Gun Unicorn on your Mobile

Genesis Gaming have delivered an incredibly interesting game with Machine-Gun Unicorn. While the game is rather strange, it is none-the-less very interesting, especially with its artwork. Thanks to the game’s availability and adaptability, you can enjoy it right away on your tablet or smartphone. The really cool part is that it doesn’t matter if you’re for iOS or Android because regardless of the operating system that you use, you’ll be able to enjoy the action-packed wins of the gun-toting unicorn and his friends as they protect their world from flesh-eating zombies.

Machine-Gun Wins!

Machine-Gun Unicorn Mobile Slots isn’t that big on features. In fact, it’s rather tame by todays’ standards. But rest assured, this is still a game that can pay and pay well.  On a screen filled with 5 reels and 10 paylines, you’ll see all the butt-kicking ponies – each with its own weapon. They’re aided by a dragon and of course the Machine-Gun unicorn, who is also the game’s Wild. The zombies themselves all appear headless and in jars – further adding to the games amusement factor. While this mobile slots title won’t offer the Canadian clientele much in terms of features, it still delivers and in two big ways.

Firstly there’s the fact that it pays left to right and right to left. This is an incredible advantage and one that should not be looked upon lightly. Secondly you’ve got your Wild – the Unicom with a machine gun instead of a horn. This guy only rocks up on reel 3 but when he does you can be assured of a massacre followed by bodies of cash! In fact it’s open season on all zombies once this unicorn comes to the party and starts shooting them all up. The more zombies on the reels, the better it is for you. But fear not, even if there are no zombies when the Wild unicorn appears on reel 3, you’re still in for a consolation prize!

This game may not suite every player’s pallet but if you love games that are easy playing and thanks to a low variance can give you more play for your pay, then this is the one.

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