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Monty Python Spamalot Slots Review

Monty Python is one of the most famous names in entertainment history, and is credited for many hits; including the flying Circus, The life of Brian, the meaning of life, and the Holy Grail- which is the most popular of their creations. To fans of their movies, the Spamalot slot game combines excitement and nostalgia into a game that you simply can't stop playing.


Spamalot Slots Features


Monty Python's Spamalot is a 5- reels, 20- lines, slot game which promises not only hours of fun and adrenaline, but many opportunities to make money in addition to the main game. There are three types of tiles in the main game: numbers/Letters, characters, and special tiles. Of the three types of tiles, the first two award money immediately and the latter open the bonus features.

In addition to the theme of the game, the bonus features are what makes this game spam out. In addition to free spins, this game offers four different bonus games: Storm the castle; None shall pass, The nights who say NI, and killer rabbits. The bonus games offer different money-yielding "mini quests". In these games, players need to avoid cows thrown by Frenchmen (to those who have seen the movie- it's hilarious, fight a knight blocking their passage, throw grenades at a killer rabbit, and more.


Good Laughs and Big Wins!


In addition to the bonus features, Spamalot offers a jackpot prize which can be won during free spins. Jackpot mode is unlocked after qualifying tiles appear on the reels 5 times during free spin mode. Jackpot mode has 6 different levels, during which players choose an item which results either in a cash prize and advancement to the next level, or a foot coming down on you and elimination from the jackpot feature.

There is no doubt that Spamalot is a great game to play, even if you have never seen the movie; and a must-play for every Monty Python fan. If you like classic movies and enjoy playing slot games- this is the game for you!

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