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Pharaohs Gold Slot Game

As far as finding lost treasure goes, coming upon a Pharaohs Gold would be a pretty big one. It sounds like something you could retire on – perhaps even buy a small county to retire in. Of course, the chances of ever coming upon a Pharaohs Gold are not very high, something akin to getting struck by lightening. If, of course, you intend on actually finding it in Egypt. A smart person would probably just play the Pharaohs Gold slots game, which also has a pretty good chance of putting cash in your pocket.

As far as slot games go, Pharaohs Gold is not the best looking or the best sounding. It is a touch obvious that the game is getting along in years, and there are certainly better looking games available. The graphics look low in resolution and washed out, and you could swear the sound effects were taken from a video game twenty years in age. But, when you’re looking to kill a few hours playing a slot game on your smart phone, the quality of the visual design might be second to one other very important fact; how much can you win? With Pharaohs Gold, a pretty good amount.

State of the Art Egyptian Style Slots

The game uses a fairly standard play system, based around 5 reels and 9 betting lines. The betting lines are manually adjustable via the arrow interface at the bottom of the play. Simply tap the up or down arrow to raise or lower the betting lines. More betting lines means more chances to win, of course, but also that the amount staked for that spin is higher. Smart players will learn to lower betting lines during their losing streaks, and raise them for the winning streaks.

As with all slot games, the objective of Pharaohs Gold is to match symbols from left to right. Same symbols matched at least 3 times will give moderate payouts, while those matched 5 times give high payouts. The bird, cat, map and sphinx are the highest paying symbols, and should be matched as many times as possible. The playing card symbols have the lowest value, and although still giving payouts if matched are not going to break the bank.

Special Features and Glittering Bonuses

Pharaohs Gold has a scatter symbol, recognisable as the Eye of Ra over a pyramid. If this symbol is matched 3 times you are given 15 free spins. The free spins will play out automatically, with winnings accumulated and paid out after the last spin has been completed. Keep in mind that it is possible to win more free spins during a free spins sequence, which will start the spins over from the first.

The second thing to note about the free spins is that every win is multiplied by 3. So if a win was previously worth 50, it would be worth 150 during the free spins. Needless to say, the free spins are generally very lucrative, and should be aimed for as much as possible. It was never so profitable to visit ancient Egypt!

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