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Pick n Switch Mobile Arcade Game

The good news is that you can enjoy the Pick n Switch mobile arcade game for free play fun or real money rewards, and the rewards for the latter are amazing! It is a very simple mobile arcade game that nevertheless is able to make use of the incredible casino game technology we have available these days, and it’s a visual treat as well as one that is good for your wallet.

Pick n Switch resembles the kind of entertainment many casino game players may have enjoyed during their childhoods, and so is sure to bring back many happy memories, but features the added bonus of allowing you to boost your bankroll while you play too.

Pick n Switch Game Basics

Pick n Switch allows you to stake between 0.1 and 100 per round, allowing you to start having fun and winning money no matter what the details of your available bank balance may be. You can enjoy the game for smaller amounts if you wish to or amp up the action with big bets if you prefer.

The multipliers by which your bet will be increased depend on the colour of the ball combination you manage to create:

  • Five blue balls will grant you a multiplier of two
  • Five red balls will increase your take home amount by four
  • Five yellow balls will multiply your winnings by ten
  • Five green balls will multiply whatever you win by 100

Your first Pick n Switch task will be to select the size of the bet you want to place, and the five coloured balls will appear from the five transparent tubes on your screen. You will only be able to hold on to balls that are the same colour.

New balls will appear from the tubes which held balls you did not want to keep, and you can decide to continue collecting a combination of the same colour as you originally selected, or choose a new one when your new balls appear.

Each round of play ends after you have made use of your three chances to exchange balls, or when you have formed a winning combination at any point of play.

Easy to Play On the Go

Pick n Switch has a user-friendly interface to accompany its colourful design, and your bets will be placed by selecting the Plus and Minus buttons near the one indicating Stake. The game will start when you click the play button, and when you want to hold on to balls you simply click on them. The Draw button is the one you will be using when you want to exchange the balls for new ones.

You can check on the paytable by selecting the View Pays option, and it is also available on the upper-right corner of the main window. The rules are also available through this area, and will be available in an abbreviated form in the upper left-hand-side of the screen too. 

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