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Premier Racing Offers Virtual Racing Fun on Your Mobile

Premier Racing is a great virtual horse racing real money game that has been optimised for mobile device enjoyment for you to take part in by means of your smartphone or tablet at any time, no matter where you happen to be! It is provided alongside a full range of betting options, and the animated racing action is sure to send you straight into the middle of the game’s action whenever you pick up your mobile device and decide to start winning.

All you require to start enjoying it is a little free time and some extra money to put on one of the virtual horses; add an Internet connection to the mix and you are in business. You can get down to this virtual track whenever you wish to, and can enjoy safe, secure real money play at the drop of a hat.

Realistic Racing Action on the Go

The Premier Racing virtual horse race is held at a beautiful country racing track, The Birchfield. You will be making use of your smartphone or tablet to make a selection between eight champion horses, and this game has been designed so as to afford you an almost infinity of choices. You do not have to limit yourself to selecting a first-place finisher, and can choose from a range of options for the wager you wish to make by means of the user-friendly interface the game is able to provide.

Racing Bets and Racing Options

Clicking on the Premier Racing mobile game betting area will allow you to view the returns you would be enjoying for any of the given horses, and what the effects of raising or lowering your bet would be on these. If you make a selection and then change your mind, all your bets can be cleared with a simple click of a button, and hovering over a jockey’s name, or that of the horse he controls, will allow you to get a low-down on the details for these competitors.

The kind of information you can access includes how well the horse breaks; whether or not it will tire as the race unfolds; if the horse is at the top of his field; and how it manages when the chips are down and the going gets tough.

Head Down to the Races

Click the Race Now button in order to get the Premier Racing action going, your heart pumping and the adrenaline thumping! You can watch the Premier Racing fun unfold by means of your device’s screen if you wish to, or skip straight on through to the finish line –and results- by selecting the Skip Race option. During the race, all bets that you have placed will be shown, as well as the current positions of the horses and their jockeys. After the race has drawn to a close you will be able to view the various finishing positions and collect your Premier Racing winnings.

For a fun filled racing experience on the go give this great game a try at one of Canada’s best mobile casinos!

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